Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bandung Resort Kampung Gajah

What comes to you when I heard the word mind Kampung Gajah,.? A village inhabited by many elephants ? hmm.. keep your mind about it, because Kampung Gajah where tourism is a family in Bandung is very complete with the game area for chil`dren or adults who are equipped with all modern play equipment, a variety of culinary tourism, there is also a kind of shopping where distributions or Factory Outlet.

Kampung Gajah is located on Jl. Sgt Bajuri 3.8 KM Lembang - Bandung. It is certain because it's unique to the individual is on offer from Kampung Gajah, so do not be surprised if this place is always crowded especially when the weekend ahead, many are also made into the Elephant Village Tour Bandung to enjoy their holiday time in Bandung.

When you memasuiki Kampung Gajah area you will get a big elephant statue, and perhaps this is one funny reasson ynag cause this place called Kampung Gajah, .. hehe ..
Kampung Gajah in containers as a family playing with the concept of an open hill (outdoor) with an altitude reaching 900 m above the surface laiut.

Talk about the play area here's the place outbound sophisticated and modern as it uses equipment that kereeen and some of which are in exports from outside countries. Some examples of games that are in Kampung Gajah, among others: Touring ATV, Fun Bike, Horse Riding, Outbound Activities, Segway, Buggy, SkyRider.

Feel Hungry and do not bring their own supplies after the activity Outbound,.?
Do not worry because in Kampung Gajah complete with a variety of Cafe 'n Resto Bar n' Lounge as well as some of the Food Court that serves various dishes of food from the archipelago cuisine, Cuisine Sundanese cuisine until a few countries (Europan, Asian Cuisine, Japan, and other again) fully presented in Kampung Gajah, in the offer price is not much different from the price at Kampung Daun.

And another one from Kampung Gajah facilities for the pengujungnya is shopping like distributions, Factory Outlet and the like, here visitors can belannja all buy merchandise from Kampung Gajah.

Some Tips when to Kampung Gajah :
  • When visiting to be sure to spend enough money because in Kampung Gajah, many things that you will spend a little inside but really very satisfying.
  • Do not forget to wear hat, sunglasses, sun block or protection from the sun lagsung because you will move a long time in the outdoor playground.

  • If you want to avoid the congestion should visit the city of Bandung on a day other than the week-end.
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